Online Payment Center

Thank you for visiting, and for processing your transaction through the online payment page. We have integrated the trusted PayPal payment system throughout to allow you to pay safely and conveniently with your PayPal account, or credit card, right online.

When you click on a session to process your payment, a new browser window will open taking you to the secure payment page with PayPal for Chrysalis: The Therapeutic Healing Practice of Joan Furman. If you have a pop-up blocker installed on your computer, please disable it before proceeding.

If you have any questions or require additional support, please contact us.

Questions when using the Online Payment Center?

From time to time we get questions from clients having trouble with our Paypal Payment relationship. Here are answers to a few key questions that might help you if you find you are running into technical challenges.

  • Chrysalis is Joan Furman: My practice has changed over the years, but my business name has not. Don’t worry when you see “Chrysalis” at the top of the PayPal billing page — that’s Joan Furman, and it is where you are supposed to be!
  • Trouble logging in? Don’t bother! If you are a regular PayPal user, you can log into the service using your email address and password and pay from your PayPal account directly. But there is another choice on the main Chrysalis payment page: “Continue…” without logging in (See below).

By continuing, you’re telling PayPal that you would like to process your credit card without logging in as a PayPal customer. It’s as simple as making a payment to any other online shopping service.

  • Numbers are Numbers — Make sure to check them twice! We’ve all been in this situation. We swear up, down and sideways that we have entered our credit card numbers, expiration dates, verification numbers correctly, and still, the computer says we’re doing something wrong. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s ALMOST always my problem! So make sure you check your numbers diligently. Make sure your address and phone number is accurate. All those little typos cost you in frustration in the end!
  • Other questions? Let us know and we’ll post additional reminders here. Thank you!