Group Policies and Dates


**NEW Group Policies: PLEASE READ**

Welcome to the Wednesday Morning Group. In order to create a safe and respectful healing environment for our group, when you agree to join group, you agree to the following:

  1. Confidentiality: Who is here and what is said stays in group. No sharing of information, stories, or even group membership names outside of group.
  2. Attendance: Each group member has two “free passes” for missed sessions. For all other sessions, payment is required regardless of attendance. If you are unable to attend, let the group know the week prior, or call me at 615-500-6998.
  3. Commitment: The full six months as listed below is your personal, group and financial commitment once you have joined the group. No exceptions. You are welcome to additional six month commitments for as long as you are receiving benefit.
  4. Be on time: To show respect to your group members, please arrive up to 15 minutes early so that we may start on time. Please commit to attendance at every session and to being on time. Make group your priority.
  5. Safety and trust: We will establish some safety guidelines the first week of group to support each member in being able to do the work that they need to do.
  6. Fee: $125.00 per 3-hour session. $120.00 for check or cash.  Credit cards are payable on using Paypal.
  7. Healthy relationships: No romantic involvement between group members. Emotional work that occurs in group can be a strong bonding experience between members. Be careful that relationships stay appropriate especially when those members are married or have committed relationships. We use only first names and leave out naming your profession as much as possible.
  8. Physical limitations: Please let me know if you have any physical limitations such as back or neck injuries, heart condition, etc that may need to be considered. Experiential therapy is active and prevention of injury is of utmost importance. Please bring only water in a closed container.

Please mark dates on your calendar.

September 14 and 28                                           January 4 and 18

October 12 and 26                                                 February 1, 15 and 29

November 9 and 23                                              March 14

December 7 and 21