The Dying Time by Joan Furman and David McNabb

1. Setting the Stage

2. Choices

Home, hospital or hospice Legal and financial issues Curing or healing Assisted suicide and euthanasia Rights and responsibilities

3. A Healing Environment

Why are surroundings so important? Who's in charge? A return to the senses Seeing Hearing Touching Smelling Tasting Visitors

4. Comfort

Why comfort? Skin care and hygiene Mouth care Nourishment Problems that may arise

5. Healing the Spirit

Spirit as a loving presence The God of childhood and adult spirituality Human value and dignity Family issues

6. Caring for the Caregiver

Your emotions and your health Stress and burnout Steps to healthy self care

7. Changes: Your Body and Mind

Grieving the future you won't have The signs of a failing body The signs of a healing mind Unfinished business To the caregiver living with a loved one's changes

8. The Last Dance

No dress rehearsal Welcoming the transition Things to do and say The signs of impending death Making room for the angels

9. Your Memorial or Funeral Service

The obituary Planning the service Participating in your own service Burial or cremation

10. Counting on Life to Heal the Grief

The stages of grief all in one hour Multiple losses Keeping anniversaries Keepsakes and remembrances Guarding your grief

11. Closing the Circle